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live by the trade:

To work as a prostitute . See prostitution for synonyms.
See Also: A-200, Acyvir, agromania, bach it, bed partner, behavioral transsexualism, big tender, bitch-queen, Boston marriage, bubby trader, bungalowing, cake pimp, car-hop, carpe diem, chapstick lesbian, chicklet, Chinese Love Beads, closed door, closed swinging, Clovix, cluster marriage, cohabit, cohabitation, companion, country marriage, dame de voyage, dial-a-porn, do the milk run, domestic partner, exibeeshes, hawk, hawk the fork, hawk the mutton, heavy crush, ho stroll, hooker's beat, Kwell, Lice-Enz, live-in (lover), living in sin, Mademoizook, married but not churched, more or less married, Nix, Oriental Love Beads, peecam, positive living, POSSLQ, romantricks, royal jelly, share bed and board, Siamese Strings, strawberry, String of Pearls, stringer, stroll, stunt cock, talk game, toilet cam, trolling the toilet, united in holy bedlock, window-tapping, without benefit of who cares, work

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