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lock lips:

To kiss or to neck . See kiss for synonyms.
See Also: achilous, ball locks, BJLs, BLJ, boogie lips, cable tie, cheilophilous, cheiloproclitic, chicken lips, cleisiophobia, cleithrophobia, cuffs, dog-knotted, DSL, he-blow, hose job, inner lips (of the vagina), inner vulvar lips, inside lips (of the vagina), kissers, kissonyms, knobble, labia majora, labia minora, labial, lappers, lip fuzz, lip-sucking kiss, lips, lock, lovelock, major lips (of the vagina), mesh, minor lips (of the vagina), MLA, outer lips (of the vagina), outer vulvar lips, pick a lock, pick the lock, rubies, sherry flips, smackers, vaseline lips, Virginia Maylips, vulva, warpath lips

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