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A long penis or a man with such a penis . See penis for synonyms.

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lonely art
lonelyhearts' club
long and short of it, the
long date
long dong
Long Dong Silver
long drink of water
long eye
long face
long for
long lie
long pole
long pork
long tea
long trade
long-arm inspection
long-haired chum
long-term relationship
longer and linger
 loob the goob
 look at the ceiling
 look babies in the eye
 look bar
 look goats and monkeys at
 look in the mirror
 look over
 look up and down at
 looker, a
 lookie freak
 looking askance
 looking for ticks
 looking for uboats
 looking for Waldo & his dog
 looking piggy
 looks at every woman through the hole in his prick
 looks like a wet weekend

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