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British usage from the 16 th to the 19 th century to describe a woman regarded as incontinent , wanton , or unchaste.
See Also: abuse-dwarfism, agastopia, anat, autodysomophobia, autoscopophilia, B.O., baby-split, banbury, BBT, bed bargain, ben's gran, bodily, bodily functions, bodmod, body esteem, bone house, boxer shorts, boxers, bromidrophobia, bromidrosiphobia, cacti, captain, carcass, chemise, cicatrization, clamp, clip, contour, contrasexism, corporocity, crackish, crumb, depilate, depilation, dextral, dextrocardia, dextrophobia, dolorogenic zone, erotogenic zones, face on a stick, figger, fish mitten, flab, frame, gay wench, go around the world, good figure, good looker, grousegrunt, haunch, hawk one's meat, hawk one's pearly, hobbler, hobeast, hopped-up job, hormonal reassignment therapy, immoral girl, immuno-compromised, ipserotic, krud, levophobia, Lincoln tunnel, loose, loose kirtle, loose-gowned woman, loose-hilted woman, loose-legged woman, midsection, monopathophobia, nondiscretionary fragrance, on the loose, petting, physical, pleaser, pop shot, pork packer, proof shot, PTA, punchboard, Russian salad party, scarring, slapper, splash shot, string bondage, tape, temperature eroticism, temple of profit, TLC, toilet talk, total coverage, trigger zone, trollymog, tuck, turgescent, unfurnished apartment, wand vibrator, wet shot, zipper morals

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