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low Greek:

Vaginal or heterosexual intercourse , in distinction to high-Greek , anal-copulation , because the vagina is located lower down the body. See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: Afrodite, anaphrodisia, andrology, Aphrodite, Astarte, bare brisket, bubby hutch, catapygon, cultured, decolletage, Demeter, Erato, glue neck, gonyphilia, gonyphilous, Gr, Greek, Greek art(s), Greek culture(s), Greek fashion, Greek love, Greek style, Greek way, greeking, gutter slut, gyn-, hetero-, high Greek, high maintenance, Holland, kleptolagnia, low heel(s), low neck, mastos, mawk, mawker, mysandry, psychrolagnia, scum, sweetheart neckline, thyrsos, toc-, toco-, tok-, toko-, zorber

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