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make faces:

Obsolete literary metaphor for sexual-intercourse ; based on the reproductive consequences of copulation . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: 39, airs and graces, amatorial, amatory pleasures, androgynous fucking, babette, baby face, baby-faced, banns, bans, beast with two backs, beauty mark, belly-to-belly, bird song, bite the bullet, blah-face, blah-faced, boat race, bracket face, breather, buck face, buck's face, bulldog chewing a wasp, bump bellies, bump uglies, bumper-to-bumper, bumping pussy, bung upwards, cecum condom, chador, cherry ace, chip and chase, clock-stopper, cockbiter, crater-face, cribbage face, crotch rope, cum dodger, cummy face, daddle, dead pan, depilation, dermagraphism, deuce and ace, dial plate, do the beast with two backs, do the two-backed beast, dolled up, esaff, eye to eye, F2F, face, face on a stick, face shot, face time, face-to-face mating, facial, fence painting, fifi bag, fish face, fizz, frictation, frigid map, frontispiece, frozen face, full frontal, give up your face, glamour puss, glass case, good front, good looker, grand canyons, grill, gyno shot, horn work, horse and buggy fuggy, Irish kiss, It's not the bull they're afraid of, it's the calf, Jem Mace, jizzer, joining faces, kisser, long face, m-and-g track, made up like Faust, make the beast with two backs, makeup, making bishops, making the beast with two backs, moon face, oscula me, phiz, phizog, physic face, physog, phyz, pieface, play kissy, play kissy-poo, poker face, poker pan, poon light, pop shot, portrait, proof shot, push-face, puss, reverse anal cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, roach and dace, rub freak, screamplay, scum dump, snoot, splatter face, spoons, stickspin, suck, fuck, tickle balls and rim, thirty-nine, three-way woman, trenches, tropophobia, vagina-to-vagina, ventral-ventral position, Venus observa, Venus with a penis, wad sop, western, zine

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