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make love:

Or: make-love-to .
ETYMOLOGY: Entered the English language towards the end of the 16 th century as a translation of the French faire l'amour or the Italian far lamore . From the 16 th century to the mid-20 th century, it meant to initiate a sexual courtship or relationship known today as chatting up , wooing, or flirting. Lawrence Paros, The Erotic Tongue (1984) : 'Couples have been making-love in the sense of paying court or wooing one another since 1580. They've been making-love as we do IT only since around 1950. That meaning wasn't even formally recognized in our dictionaries until 1976 .' From another, unknow source: ' The change occurred at roughly the same time that the phrase 'make love not war first became popular, a correspondence which may not be altogether coincidental .' (Gershon Legman launched the slogan: ' Make love , not war ' in 1963, but the change had already started in the 1950s.)

1. To woo , to pay court; to express affection for.


(1) Monte Rutledge (Ben Lyon) in Hell's Angels (1930): ' Never love a woman , just make-love-to her .'

(2) Gina (Lilli Palmer) to Alvah Jasper (Gary Cooper) in Cloak and Dagger (1946): ' Don't make-love-to me. Don't be somebody I like. If you feel like kissing me and I feel like kissing you, so we kiss . But don't be serious. In my job I kiss without feeling .'

(3) French count Leon (Melvyn Douglas) to the Soviet envoy Ninotchka (Greta Garbo) in Ninotchka (1939): ' Ninotchka! It's midnight. One half of Paris is making-love to the other-half .'

(4) Anna Kalman (Ingrid Bergman) furious at Philip Adams (Cary Grant) upon learning that he's not really married in Indiscreet (1958): ' How dare he make-love-to me and not be a married man .'

2. From the late-1950s onward, any sexual activity from petting to copulation ; to engage in amorous caressing.

3. Or: make-love-to / make-love-with , to have sexual-intercourse with. In this sense, analogous to the French faire l'amour . See copulation for synonyms.


(1) Gaston (Louis Jordan) to Gigi (Leslie Caron) in Gigi (1958): ' The only people who make love all the time are liars .'

(2) Mrs. Flax (Cher) to her daughter Charlotte (Winona Ryder) learning to drive in Mermaids (1990): ' Charlotte, you drive like old people make love .'

(3) Dolworth (Burt Lancaster) in The Professionals (1966): ' Do you realise people are the only animals who make love face to face .'

(4) Barbara (Kathleen Turner) and Gavin (Danny DeVito) in The War of the Roses (1989):
-- Barbara Rose: ' Have you ever made angry love? '
-- Gavin D'Amato: ' Is there any other way? '

(5) Shyster lawyer Roland T. Flakfizer (John Torturo) flirting with the wealthy and older Mrs. Lilian Oglethorpe (Nancy Marchand) in Brain Donors (1992):
-- Roland: ' Mrs. Oglethorpe, you look wonderful. I could make-love-to you right here and now .'
-- Lilian: ' Roland, please! Let's keep this on a professional level .'
-- Roland: ' Very well then. I'll charge you fifty bucks a pop .'

(6) Harris B . Telemaker (Steve Martin) going away for the weekend with the much younger and not too bright SanDeE (Sarah Jessica Parker) in L.A. Story (1991):
-- Harris: ' SanDeE, I think it should just be a vacation , good friends. I don't think we should make love . All right? '
-- SanDeE: ' OK. We'll just have-sex .'

(7) Regina (Mimi Rogers) telling prison guard Collin Reeve (Billy Zane) about the husband she killed accidentally in Reflections in the Dark (1995): ' I loved him. God I loved him, and he loved me, desperately, completely, well, as best he could for a man who only knew how to make love-in a bed . At least he said it was love . He always said the right thing .'

(8) Annie Savoy's (Susan Sarandon) voice over monologue at the beginning of Bull Durham (1988): ' Making love is like hitting a baseball. You've just got to relax and concentrate .'

(9) Gershon Legman (1963): ' Make love , not war .'

(10) Pro birth-control slogan: ' Make love , not babies .'

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