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make marry:

To get married , punning make merry. See marriage for synonyms.
See Also: afternoon gig, altar it, altared, amatorial, amatory pleasures, banns, bans, bird song, blushing bride, breather, bride and groom it, cash and carried, cecum condom, City-Halled, cluster marriage, cockbiter, cohabit, cohabitation, coitus legitimus, connubial, consensual non-monogamy, crotch rope, cut and carried, Daisy Dumpling, dermagraphism, diasteunia, do the right thing, dolled up, dot and carried, double harness, espoused, ex-bach, feather one's bed, fence painting, fifi bag, get altared, get churched, get hitched, get hooked, get papers, get settled, go domestic, gone and done it, gotten hitched, gyno shot, half-husband, hang up one's hat, hooked, horn work, horrorform, illegal cohabitation, It's not the bull they're afraid of, it's the calf, jizzer, join hands with, joined in holy matrimony, jump the besom, lovebirds, m-and-g track, made man and wife, made one, make an honest woman of, make it legal, make marry, make the legal move, making bishops, married but not churched, marry into dough, moneymoon, Mr. Right, oscula me, paired, poon light, pop shot, proof shot, rabbied, renounce bachelorhood, screamplay, scum dump, second-hand article, settle down, side dish, spare rib, stickspin, suck, fuck, tickle balls and rim, tail-femme, take a cottage course, take the plunge, three-way woman, tied the knot, tropophobia, unwedlocked, wad sop, yoked, zine

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