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make the scene:

In C20 th parlance, to have sexual-intercourse with. See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: amatorial, amatory pleasures, banns, bans, big tender, bird song, bondagepics, breather, brown eye pie, C-light, cecum condom, cockbiter, cowgirl, crotch rope, cum shot, delivering the wood, dermagraphism, DIT, dolled up, dominatrix bitch, e-coli pie, face shot, femdomme, fence painting, fifi bag, fluffer, g-g, girlcam, gyno shot, horn work, hummer, It's not the bull they're afraid of, it's the calf, jizzer, love scene, lunch, m-and-g track, making bishops, money shot, oscula me, poon light, pop shot, proof shot, psycholagnia, reverse anal cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, screamplay, scum dump, sexually explicit, shampoo, southern love, splash shot, split beaver, stickspin, stunt cock, sub, suck, fuck, tickle balls and rim, switch, switch-hitter, taskmaster, three-way woman, topping from the bottom, tropophobia, wad sop, waiting for wood, western, wet shot, zine

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