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making the scene with the magazine:

Jocular metaphor for male masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: adult book, adult bookshop, adult magazine, amatory pleasures, bearded clam, big tender, bliff mag, blow book, bod-comic, bondagepics, boylies, brown eye pie, butt book, C-light, color in the coloring book, Cosmo Girl, cowgirl, cum shot, delivering the wood, DIT, dominatrix bitch, drag mag, e-coli pie, face shot, fag mag, fagrag, fanzine, femdomme, fence painting, flavor comic, fluffer, fuck book, g-g, girlcam, girlie magazine, glossies, hand book, hot beaver shot, jazz mag, kiddie porn, kiddy porn, men's magazine, money shot, nudies, pictorial prostitution, playboy, poon light, pop shot, pornoshop, pornshop, proof shot, psycholagnia, reverse anal cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, sex shop, sexually explicit, shampoo, skin mag, southern love, splash shot, split beaver, stag mag, stickspin, stroke book, stunt cock, sub, switch, switch-hitter, taskmaster, topping from the bottom, trash-rack, tropophobia, waiting for wood, wank mag, western, wet shot, X2K, zine

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