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male genital club:

The penis . See penis for synonyms.
See Also: accoutrements, Adams arsenal, affairs, anogenital, Antipodes, apparatus, assc, auxiliaries, bald eagle, basket crusher, basket party, belongings, Big Jim and the twins, bits, bogga, brother, clubbed foot, cluster, credentials, dancer's belt, dangling participles, do-hickies, dohickeys, dohickies, doll house, engine, essentials, family jewels, fancy work, female impersonator, flash, floor show, gearbox, generative organ, genitomorphism, hardware, HGM, in the club, in the pudding club, Jenny Tull, kit, kolpophobia, lower deck, luggage, machinery, nuts and bolts, male organs of generation, male organs of reproduction, male reproductive organs, nasty bits, natural places, nuts and bolts, on-premise swing club, parts of generation, parts of reproduction, pencil and tassel, phallating stick, picnic lunch, prack, privy limbs, pubic area, say high mass, secret works, secrets, stringer, swing on some flivver, switch club, tackle, three-piece set, three-piece suit, TV lounge, undercarriage, virilia, widow's mites

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