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marry into dough:

Or: marry into the dough , to marry a wealthy person or a person from a wealthy family .
See Also: afternoon gig, altar it, altared, blushing bride, bride and groom it, cash and carried, City-Halled, cluster marriage, cohabit, cohabitation, coitus legitimus, consensual non-monogamy, cut and carried, Daisy Dumpling, diasteunia, dot and carried, espoused, ex-bach, feather one's bed, get altared, get churched, get hitched, get hooked, get papers, get settled, go domestic, gone and done it, gotten hitched, half-husband, hang up one's hat, horrorform, join hands with, joined in holy matrimony, jump the besom, made man and wife, made one, make it legal, make marry, make the legal move, married but not churched, marry into dough, moneymoon, Mr. Right, paired, rabbied, renounce bachelorhood, second-hand article, settle down, side dish, spare rib, tail-femme, take a cottage course, take the plunge, tied the knot, unwedlocked, yoked

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