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Sexual excitement and pleasure produced by experiencing pain and humiliation .

ETYMOLOGY: From the name of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895), an Austrian novelist whose most widely read novel was Venus im Pelz (Venus in Furs). He was eventually committed to an asylum by his second wife .

See Also: aberrant sex, active and passive, algolagnia, deviant sexual behavior, passive algolagnia, S & M, sadie and maisie, sado-maso, sapphomasochism, sexual aberration, sexual deviance, sexual deviancy, sexual deviation, verbal masochism

Quotes Containing masochism:
Ellis (Dan Aykroyd) and Mac (Gene Hackman) in Loose Cannons (1990): - Ellis Fielding: '' S & M club? Like sadism and masochism?'' - MacArthur Stern: ''Yeah, you know , you scratch my back , I''ll scratch yours, only real hard.''

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