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monthly cycle:

The monthly menstrual flow or menses. See menstruation for synonyms.
See Also: alt.binaries.pictures.erotica, auntys round, bad news, bends, the, captain is at home, catamenia, catamenial discharge, courses, the, danger signal is up, the, danzanol, desire stage, Doering Rule, flowers, the, infertile period, menstruation, monthlies, monthly bill, monthly blues, monthly causes, monthly courses, monthly cycle, monthly flowers, monthly term, my little friend is here, my little sister is here, my little visitor is here, nuisance, the, Playboys Playmate, red-haired visitor, rides a bicycle, those days of the month, time of the month, that, vapours, the, visit from (Aunt) Flo, visit from my sister, visitor, visitor with the red hair has come, wet day

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