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1. Having an extramarital-affair or affairs . See affair for synonyms.

2. Engaging in prostitution only sporadically or rounding off the end of the month through prostitution .

3. Engaging in streetwalking at night only.

Quotes Containing moonlighting:
Does oat meal have lumps? = The Cheap Detective (1978) Does a hobby-horse have a wooden dick? = Road House (1989) Does Pinocchio have a wooden butt? = Earth Girls are Easy (1989) Does Pinocchio have wooden balls? = Tune In Tomorrow (1990) Does a frog have a waterproof ass? = Tune In Tomorrow (1990) Does a hobby-horse have a hickory dick? = The Cowboy Way (1994) Does Madonna take her clothes off? = With Honors (1994) Does the pope wear a beanie? = Off Beat (1986) Does the pope drive a Cadillac? = Beyond the Law (1994) Does a fat puppy hate fast cars? = Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? = Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) Does Veronica like Archie? = Little Giants (1995) Does Tina Turner wear a wig? = Earth Girls are Easy (1989) Do birds fly , do ducks duck? = Moonlighting (1985) Do flies fly , do spots beam up? = Moonlighting (1985) Do rattlesnakes kiss carefully? = Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) Do stripes suit a zebra? = The Matchmaker (1958) Is a pig's ass pork? = Gator (1976) Is a frog's ass water tight? = Big Business (1988) Is the earth flat? = The Flintstones (1994) Was Sergeant York's mother an angel = Nothing but Trouble (1991) Will a banker grope for money? = Nothing but Trouble (1991) Does Saddam Hussein and Omar Kadafi pull each other's toffee?'= With Honors (1994) OFF-SCREEN
David Addison (Bruce Willis) to Maddy Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) in Moonlighting (1985): ''You''re one cold icy broad . You have your nose so high in the air it''s snowing on your brain.''
''Wow! You''re one cold icy broad . You have your nose so high in the air it''s snowing on your brain.'' David Addison (Bruce Willis) to Madeleine ''Maddy'' Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) in Moonlighting (1985)

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