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mutual climax:

Or: mutual-orgasm / simultaneous-climax / simultaneous-orgasm , sexual-climax occurring in both partners at the same time.
See Also: 59, 59ing, beat to it, bring someone off, butterfly queen, catch a sixty-nine, concurrent climax, dealing, double jacking, experience an orgasm, experience orgasm, explode, fifty-nine, fifty-nining, get someone off, getting ones nuts off, linguistic exercise, love in, mutual climax, mutual orgasm, non-orthogenic sex, open marriage, peak, playing chopsticks, reach climax, reach sexual climax, route 69, route sixty-nine, shoot off, shoot off one's load, shoot your load, simultaneous climax, simultaneous orgasm, six à neuf, sixty-nine queen, swaffonder, swassonder, Swedish culture, swordfighting, take one's pleasure, talk dirt(y), truelove knot

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