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parting the waters:

A metaphor for female masturbation . See masturbation-female for synonyms.
See Also: agastopia, albutophilia, amateur, aquaphobia, arseparts, arvo, assisted shower, batty rider, boiled frog principle, carnal parts, coitus a unda, commodity, erotic peeing, female impersonator, feminacy, fishbowl dancer, hafada, half brass, hydrophobia, hygrophobia, iris, monopathophobia, natural parts, naturals, part cheeks, part someone's cheeks, parts, parts below, pass through the fire, pee-games, peegames, popular body parts, private parts, privates, privy parts, PTA, rheomism, rheomist, rheononia, tail around, tuck, turgescent, underparts, urination, W.C., W/S, wife in watercolors, WS, WS/GS

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