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Or: perianal-area , the area of soft tissue (covering the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor) between the genitals and the anus .


UNISEX SYNONYMS: crabwalk ; miracle-inch ; taint ; tainta.

MALE SYNONYMS: barse ; chode ; watford-gap .

FEMALE SYNONYMS: biffin-bridge ; biffits-bridge ; biffon ; chin-rest ; driving-range ; Duffy's-bridge ; niffin's-bridge ; niffkin's-bridge ; stinkers-bridge ; twitter ; womfer .

See Also: anoperineal, barse, biffin, biffin bridge, biffits bridge, biffon, chin rest, chode, crabwalk, driving range, Duffy's bridge, fingerdoodling, labia majora, miracle inch, niffin's bridge, niffkin's bridge, perianal area, stinkers bridge, taint, tinta, tour de france, twitter, watford gap, womfer

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