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The fear of becoming bald .

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peter puff
peter puffer
Peter, Paul, and Mary
petticoat discipline
petticoat merchant
petticoat pensioner
petting kitty
petting Snoopy
petting the bunny
petting the kitty
petting the lizard
petting the pussy
petting the snake
petting the Wookie
petting your dog
  phallactory act
 phallate per rectum
 phallating club
 phallating stick
 phallator per rectum
 phallic cleaver
 phallic decorum
 phallic ejaculant
 phallic erection
 phallic haven
 phallic pencil
 phallic pendant
 phallic prod
 phallic quencher
 phallic scratcher
 phallic symbol

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