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1. Pertaining to the body as opposed to the mind or spirit.

2. Using the body. Physical exercises .

3. Using the body roughly or intimately. Don't get-physical! Let's get-physical .

See Also: abuse, adolescence, algopareunia, algoterpsia, amenorrhea, anatomical sex, androgyny, bachelor bait, bdsm, bondage, carezza, colpette, constitution, core gender identity, corporal arts, criminal assault, defemination, deformity fetishism, dermacentric, discipline, dominance and submission, domination, Don Juan syndrome, Don Juanism, ecstasy intoxication, erotophobia, fag bashing, fag busting, gay bashing, gender identity, get physical, gynandry, harm, humiliation, hurt not harm, inner sex, karezza, making out, metamorphosis sexualis paranoia, nymphae, over the hill, physical, physical sex, pulchritude, secondary sex characteristics, sensate focus exercises, sex-linked, sexual behavior, sexual bondage, sexual reproduction, sweater girl, traumatophobia, Viagra

Quotes Containing physical:
Bert Rigby (Robert Lindsay) to Meredith Perlstein (Anne Bancroft) in Bert Rigby, You're a Fool (1989): 'I find you a very, very desirable woman and if you and I were to get-physical together my eyes would cross permanently and she'd [girlfirned] notice that.'

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