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1. An ugly person, especially an ugly woman .

2. Derogatory name for a promiscuous woman . See playgirl for synonyms.

3. A glutton .

4. A greedy person.

5. Or: male-chauvinist-pig , a sexist male.

See Also: afgay, agfay, allsbay, anekay, ansy-pay, back room, blind tiger, crackling, dork, eer-quay, ellybay, English malady, French ache(s), French crown, French disease, French fever, French goods, French gout, French measles, French pox, fucked without getting kissed, fuckpig, gammon flaps, gammon goalposts, hipocrocadogapig, in pup, male chauvinist pig, MCP, orgy room, pig, sex-chauvinist, uck-fay, unt-cay, utsnay

Quotes Containing pig:
Ruth (Jill Clayburgh) and Dan (Walter Matthau) in First Monday in October (1981): - Ruth Loomis: ''You''re an arrogant, self-centered, male-chauvinist-pig .'' - Dan Snow: ''You''re just being sweet to me because I''m a man .''

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