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Short for: 1. A professional of any kind.

2. Rarely, a professional-woman .

3. Short for prophylactic , another word for condom . See condom for synonyms.

4. A professional prostitute as opposed to a novice or weekender. See prostitute for synonyms.

5. To be a pro(fessional), to be engaged in prostitution . See prostitution for synonyms.

QUOTE: Matt (Dean Martin) and Sheila (Janice Rule) about Francesca in The Ambushers (1968):
-- Matt Helm: ' She's a pro .'
-- Sheila Sommers: ' Whatever she's pro I'm anti .'

See Also: abortion-on-demand, abortuary, aspro, asspro, back talk, backtalk, business boy, pro, prophylactic

Quotes Containing pro:
Bones Burton (Ali MacGraw) about her relationship with Max Herschel (Alan King) in Just Tell Me What You Want (1980):'Quid pro quo makes the world go round.'

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