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reach sexual climax:

Or: reach-climax / reach-a-climax , to experience the apex and culmination of sexual excitement, to have an orgasm . See orgasm for synonyms.
See Also: acmasia, acme, aged, beat to it, bring someone off, bust one's nuts, bust your nuts, climax, come together, coming together, concurrent climax, crash one's muck, draw a blank, experience an orgasm, experience orgasm, explode, fake it, fire water complex, frigidity, get ones gun off, get someone off, get your gun off, get your nuts off, get your oats, get your rocks off, getting ones nuts off, gettng on (in years), have a sexual reflex, have a small stroke, have a spasm, have one's chimes rung, inhibited orgasm, jiffy pop, let go, light off, light up, lose the last round, mutual climax, mutual orgasm, peak, pop a nut, pop one's cookies, pop one's nuts, reach climax, reach sexual climax, reach the big O, satisfy oneself, send out the troops, shoot, shoot off, shoot off one's load, shoot one's batch, shoot one's cocoa, shoot one's cream, shoot one's creamy load, shoot one's roe, shoot ones load, shoot ones wad, shoot white, shoot your load, shooting off a load, simultaneous climax, simultaneous orgasm, suck off, summa libido, take one's pleasure, talk dirt(y), tardojacia

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