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seminal fluid:

Milky white fluid produced by the seminal vesicles that is ejaculated at orgasm . See semen for synonyms.
See Also: baby custard, baby fat, baby food, baby paste, ball-bearing oil, baume de vie, beans, beef extract, belly seed, boy honey, bubbly jack, bubbly jock, bull gravy, bung juice, bung spew, butter, buttermilk, cock vomit, cockwax, cocoa butter, coitus interruptus, coitus obstructus, come-juice, courting cream, cream one's jeans, cream one's knickers, cream one's pants, cream sauce, damp patch, dew on the lily, dick drink, dolly spit, ejaculation, emission, emission phase, first stage of ejaculation, foam, full of beans, gentleman's relish, glop, gonad glue, goo, goo-goo, guma, happy juice, herbalz, hot juice, hot lead, hot nuts, ivory rinse, jet stream, junk, love liquid, love liquor, loves nectar, lumpy piss, man milk, man mustard, man oil, man soup, man's milk, McSpunk, mecotero, melted butter, muckle, oil of man, oyster, pre-cum, pulling out, reproductive fluid, seminal discharge, seminal fluid, sexual reproduction, shissom, snedge, sticky seed, suds, tadpole treasure, water of life, white blow, white love piss, withdrawal method

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