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Dialectical slang for an aggressive or masculine lesbian , a term alluding to the bossiness of some female homosexuals.

Synonyms: boon-dagger ; boonch ; bootch ; bull ; bull-bitch ; bull-dagger ; bull-dike(r); bull-dogger ; bumper ; butch ; butch-lesbian ; butch-dagger ; butz ; diesel-dyke ; dike ; dyke .
See also: baby-butch ; baby-dyke ; boy dyke ; buildiking ; camper ; dinky-dyke ; gaychick ; molly-dyke ; semi-diesel ; sergeant; soft-butch ; stone-butch ; stone-femme .

See Also: camper, dinky dyke, on the bonk

Quotes Containing sergeant:
Russell (Harold Ramis) to the recruiting sergeant in Stripes (1981): ''No, we''re not homosexuals, but we''re willing to learn.''
Gracie Williams (Joan Leslie) to Alvin C . York (Gary Cooper) in Sergeant York (1941): 'I wouldn't have you on a Christmas tree, Alvin York.'
Molly McKenna (Frances Fisher) turning down an offer by Sergeant Mike Pamer in Molly & Gina (1994): 'I'd rather do-it with Donald Duck.'
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