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short timer:

In prostitution , a customer who pays to have-sex until he ejaculates and no more.
See also: all-nighter ; all-night-trick .
See Also: acute, acute infection, all-night man, all-night trick, all-nighter, anat, arm of love, arse cooler, B & D dyke, backy, Barnet, batch, batty rider, beaut, beaver loop, bi community, boxers, braces, breast augs, bug, burly, butt bags, buttock-clingers, cafe curtains, chalfonts, cheek-climber, cheek-clinger, clit, CSW, cyber, DG, dilly boy, dis con, Donald, duck-butt, dyna, fam, farmers, fizz, g-g, gon, gonny, goss, half brass, half-pint, heavy crush, hook, juve, labs, les, lesb, lesbie, lesbo, lice, Mademoizook, masc, napkin, nips, non-op TS, paradise strokes, phiz, phizog, phragmie, porn, post-op TS, pre-op TS, premature ejaculator, pross, prossie, prossy, prostie, prosty, prozzy, recky, relations, rents, riding crop, rita, rollies, romantricks, sanitary, scrot, short and curlies, siph, skivvy, starter marriage, Stumpy, syph, sypho, tachyorthosis, three wheeler, tocks, trich, TV training, val, vertically-challenged, vige, walker, whipped, X-dresser, X-dressing, X-legged, zack, zeps

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