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Unisex term for a husband or wife . See wife and husband for synonyms.
See Also: abandonment (of a spouse), achnutshik, amorous paranoia, anisogamia, appendage, bach, bach it, ball and chain, batch night, beat the gun, bed partner, bedmate, better fraction, better half, bit of spare, bitter half, brevet-wife, caught in flagrante, cheat, chief cook and bottle washer, chippy on, cluster marriage, cohabit, cohabitation, coitus maritus, comarital, comarital sex, consensual non-monogamy, consort, couple-to-couple, cuckoldry, delusional jealousy, desertion, dirty weekend, do one's office, do the chores, double cross, double up on, double-clock, double-clocker, double-crosser, eating out, eternal triangle, ex-, exercise one's marital rights, foot warmer, fornicate, front marriage, fuck around, get one's bed, give up rhythm, headache, helpmate, hot pudding for supper, husband, idiogamist, in-law, infidelity, Jack and Jill, jump the gun, legalized moment, love cheat, married, mate, monogamy, old man, other half, partner, play games with, polygamy, private property, significant other, sleeping partner, step out, step-out-oner, stepper-outer, stepping out on, sweetie, sweetie pie, take one's bed, tomcat, two-time, two-timer, two-timing, twosome, yard on

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