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straight date:

Or: straight-trick , in prostitution :

1. An act of vaginal intercourse without any extra frills or thrills.

2. A customer who requires no extras beyond straight vaginal intercourse .

See Also: a proper bit of frock, angel food, automatic muzzle loader, best girl, Bohemian love, breeder fish, brother girl, brothers and sisters, butch cut, career boy, chronological age, clack box, clock, cohabitation, confirmed bachelor, corporation, couple friend, derby kelly, dial plate, extras, fruit-picker, funny man, gay bachelor, gay for pay, gin lane, gin trap, girlie magazine, go around with, go out with, go steady, good front, hettie, homo-lover, honeyfuggle, jaihouse turnout, Norman Normal, old fashioned, phallic decorum, proper bit of frock, pussy queer, raree show, regular trick, right-handed, snitch, square up, steady, steady date, str, straight date, straight trick, thyrsos, trans-fag, tranz-fag, VBD, X-ey

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