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Derogatory expression for a servile self-seeker who hopes to gain favor and approval by praising, flattering and fawning over rich, influential, or powerful people.

Synonyms: a.k. ; apple-polisher ; ass-kisser ; ass-licker ; ass-sucker; back-patter ; back-scratcher ; back-slapper ; bootlick; boot-licker (bootlicker); brown-all-'round ; browner; brown-nose(r); brown-tongue ; bucker; bum-sucker ; doormat; egg-sucker; flatterer; flunky; hanger-on; kiss-ass ; kiss butt ; knee-bender ; lick-spittle ; minion; myrmidon; red-appler ; rim-queen ; stooge; simonizer ; suck-ass ; suck-up-toer ; toady ; tokus licker ; TL; yes-man ; yes-sayer ; yesser.


(1) Will Randall (Jack Nicholson) to Stuart (James Spader) in Wolf (1997):
-- Will: ' You are such a polished ass-kisser it takes my breath away .'
-- Stuart: ' I kiss 'em like I see 'em .'

(2) Marty (Peter MacNicol) to Newton (Steve Martin) when the boss walks by in Housesitter (1992): ' If I could find the right doctor I would have my lips permanently sown to his ass .'

See Also: a.k., apple-polisher, ass-kisser, ass-licker, back-patter, back-scratcher, back-slapper, boot-licker, brown all 'round, brown-nose, brown-noser, brown-tongue, bum sucker, kiss ass, knee-bender, lick-spittle, red-appler, rim queen, simonizer, suck-ass, suck-up-toer, T.L., toad-eater, toady, yes man, yes-sayer

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