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tail side:

1. The back or backside of a person. See ass for synonyms.

2. The rectal opening , the anus . See anus for synonyms.

See Also: abdominal wall, abnormal forms, auto pimp, backside, basket crusher, bats for both sides, bats for the other side, batting for both sides, batting for the other side, behind, cat-o-nine-tails, caudal, caudate, chase pussy, cheek, Chinese fashion, Chinese style, coccyx, come on over to the S & M side, contrasexual, daily, daily mail, dextral, dextrocardia, dextrophobia, flogger, half-husband, levophobia, long and short of it, the, macromastia, male tale, mort douce, ring-tail, singles, split-mutton, spoons, tail, tail end, tail high, tail over the dashboard, tiryak-bandha, tit-whip, Tosos, vom Anderen Ufer, work one's ass off

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