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An act of vaginal or anal-copulation . See anal-copulation and copulation for synonyms.
See Also: 9 to 5, 9-5-er, abnormal forms, B.J., bang-up, big J, BJ, BJLs, BJM, BLJ, blowing, cat-o-nine-tails, caudal, caudate, chase pussy, coccyx, daily, daily mail, flogger, gum-job, hand gig, hand job, job, male tale, milk cow, nine-to-five, nine-to-fiver, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral intercourse, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, ring-tail, slob-job, split-mutton, stern approach, tail, tail end, tail high, tail over the dashboard, tit-whip, velvet job, wack job, whack job, work one's ass off

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