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take someone:

To have sexual-intercourse with someone. See copulation for synonyms.

QUOTE: The following quote is not in the spirit of the definition above but it is funny enough to be included here; it's by James (Jimmy Durante) to Eleanore Espere (Thelma Todd), putting an end to her badger-game in Speak Easily (1932) with: ' Honey, take ALL of me! '

See Also: ablutolagnia, ablutophilia, anal birth, bibbing, bring on, call boy, cop off with, dirty mind, Disneyland daddy, fan someone's tail, father-fucker, fuck someone over, fuck someone up, get a claim check on, get a kick out of, get across, get on someones wick, get someone off, give the once over, go out with, hard ass, lacy, lilac, making a hit, mess with, pull someone off, put the chill on someone, ring someone's bell, ring someone's chimes, run one's eyes over, scrumpable, swallow the pipe, tampered with, TCB, thelyphthoric, Tonya, touchy, triple header, turn someone on, untried, yummy

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