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take to bed:

To have sexual-intercourse with (someone). See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: ablutolagnia, ablutophilia, bed, bed bugs, bed bunny, bed down, bed down with, bed hopper, Bed of Nails, bed someone, bedbug, beddy, bedmate, bedswerver, bedventure, bedwork, bibbing, breeding cage, brother starling, call boy, clinophobia, come stain, cookie crumbs, count ceiling tiles, couple friend, cum stain, damp patch, diasteunia, Disneyland daddy, enuresis, fart sack, fuck bunny, get one's bed, GIB, Hands off your cocks, feet in your socks!, hit the sheets, horizontal exercise, long lie, lying in state, making a hit, performance anxiety, pleaser, punchboard, rack monster, reel in the biscuit, shine stand, spoon fashion, swallow the pipe, take one's bed, TCB, triple header, Uncle Ned, walk-in, wank tank

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