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think the world of:

Or: think all the world of , to esteem very highly, to admire or love greatly.

SYNONYMS: admire ; look up to; prize; regard (highly); treasure ; value. See love for synonyms.

See Also: AMW, around the world, BDSMLMNOP, big head, Bunjamin, coochee-coochee, dizzy-lizzy, do the grand tour, Dowager Queen, fag, for love, FTW, gay youthism, GMTA, go around the world in eighty ways, go down on (someone), grand tour, halfway around the world, head, heat, hurl, ithyphallophobia, little head, phonemophobia, phronemophobia, poodle queen, round house, round the world, second oldest profession, sex antagonism, tender talent, think the world of, Vagina Littlefinger, worldly

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