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three-finger fuck around:

Nonsexual military phrase meaning to waste-time , to putter around aimlessly while pretending to be busy.
See Also: 3-Fs, ass about, bell ringers, buttered finger, chance sandwich, circumanal, club sandwich, cock and ball harness, cock harness, cock-pluck, coitus inter digitae, come-fuck-me-pumps, constrictions, design for living, double peptide, double-entry, finger fuck, flesh sandwich, fuck around, fuck-me pumps, futz around, fuzz around, gang sex, group sex, leg restraint, longer and linger, love handles, Oreo cookie, round the world, séance à trois, sausage sandwich, screw around, stink-finger, stinky-finger, sugar finger, thelemassation, third set, third sex, three decker, three F's, three-way, threesies, threesome, triolism, triple shag, troilism

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