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trick pad:

1. The apartment or house of a prostitute .

2. More rarely, a brothel . See brothel for synonyms.

See Also: beef burger, bosom cheaters, break luck, Brummagem Joe, cat rig, client, colpomentiors, colpomimesis, cotton mouse, cotton pony, cow-pad, crack-halter, cull, cunt rag, diaper, Dracula's teabag, drape queen, fanny rag, fare, feminine protection, gay deceivers, granny rag, hammock, hemotigolagnia, jam rag, jelly sandwich, labia landfill, launching pad, manhole cover, menophilist, menstrual cloth, monthly rag, pad, palpitating bosoms, palpitators, panty liner, patent heavers, patron, perineal pad, peter-cheater, piper, poe-slap, props, pull a trick, regular trick, romantricks, sanitary, straight trick, TOS, trich, trick, trick baby, turn a date, turn a trick, turn tricks, turned out, twat-hammock, variety artist, water wings, works, the

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