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Slang for:

1. The vagina . See vagina for synonyme.

2. In America, a disparaging name for a promiscuous woman . See playgirl for synonyms.

3. The anus . See anus for synonyms.

4. Short for uterine tube or fallopian tube, the oviduct

See Also: abdominal abortion, abdominal ostium, abdominal pregnancy, asexualization, bore, doing, human reproductive organs, hysterectomy, masturbator, no lead in his pencil, no money in his wallet, organs of generation, organs of reproduction, organs of the reproductive system, oviduct, pelvic inflammatory disease, PID, pipe, prostate, reproductive organs, sex and reproductive organs, sex organs, sexual organs, tubal ligation, tube, urethra, urethral meatus, urethral opening, urethral orifice, vibrating masturbator, violet wand

Quotes Containing tube:
That Sam is so thoughtful. He promised to slip me an extra tube steak .' An naive, unsuspecting Alice (Henriette Mantel) in A Very Brady Sequel (1996). Tube steak is slang for penis .

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