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wet and willing:

Of a woman , sexually aroused and ready to copulate . See horny for synonyms.


(1) Phyllis (Dorothy Lamour), washing her hair, and Sebastian (Cornel Wilde) when a handsome man walks by in The Greatest Show on Earth (1952):
-- Phyllis : ' Why is it that whenever he's around I'm all wet? '
-- Sebastian: ' In more ways than one .'

(2) Parisian cab driver Tibor Czerny (Don Ameche) and Eve Peabody (Claudette Colbert) coming-out of the rain in Midnight (1939):
-- Tibor: ' Aren't you wet through? '
-- Eve: ' How far do you think through is for a woman these days? '

(3) Jack Burroughs (Alan Alda) and Claudia Zimmer (Rita Moreno) in The Four Seasons (1981):
-- Jack: ' Sexuality was born in wetness .'
-- Claudia: ' It's easier that-way .'

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