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1. To work as a prostitute . See prostitution for synonyms.

2. To engage in sexual activities with whores.

3. To consort-with whores.

4. To be sexually promiscuous .

See Also: 44, 6-2-4, 6-to-4, ammunition whore, bag bride, bag-piper, ballum rancum, bastard, Betty Bouffant, big hair, blowen, boat and oar, bolt the door, broken oar, bunter, burn, burner, burning, buss-beggar, buttock and file, camp follower, cat house, christening, common shore, covey, dolly-mopper, Doug McClure, drabbing, early door, essayeur, eye that weeps most when best pleased, fish-monger, flash man, forty-four, garden tool mama, gentleman of the road, hackney, hedge-creeper, ho, hoe, hooer, hoor, illegitimate child, Jane Shore, leaping over the sword, long eye, madonna-whore syndrome, main bitch, meat-monger, merry arse Christian, mort, Mr. Horner, mutton-monger, muttoner, nether end, nether eye, piss broken glass, piss pins and needles, piss razor blades, prostitute-versus-madonna syndrome, punk, Rory O'More, rose among thorns, Rosy O'More, scankie, sightseer, six-to-four, skanky, sloop of war, socket money, stank, star of the line, star-gazer, stargazer, stink, stroll, tongue, two-by-four, venereal disease, Westminster wedding, whore, whore you?, whore-hopper, whorehound, whoreson, whoretel, whoring, whorish

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