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whoring days:

One's younger, wilder days.
See Also: 24/7, 24/7/365, 44, bag-piper, birthday, boat and oar, bolt the door, broken oar, buttock and file, BVDs, carpe diem, CFD, crave, Disneyland daddy, Doering Rule, dog days, dolly-mopper, Doug McClure, drabbing, essayeur, flash man, forty-four, gentleman of the road, hackney, Jane Shore, nine-to-fiver, poke party, queen for a day, Rory O'More, rose among thorns, Rosy O'More, Saint Valentine's Day, sightseer, sloop of war, socket money, star-gazer, stargazer, stroll, twenty-four seven, twilight, two-by-four, wet day, whore, whore-hopper, whorehound, whoretel, whoring, whoring days, whorish

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