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wild about:

Head-over-heels in-love-with ; excited by; infatuated with. See love for synonyms.


(1) Laurence Olivier to Merle Oberon in The Divorce of Lady X
See Also: agrizoophobia, Big Bang Theory, boner, boy-dyke, bronc, bronc buster, bronco, bronk, chippie, chippy, do the natural thing, doing, heels over head (in love), hotter than Georgia asphalt, in the saddle, love a party, love to party, over head and heels (in love), peach, plant one's wild oats, plant the oats, plant wild oats, poke, promiscuous, rock and roll, screw around, sow one's wild oats, sow some wild oats, theroid, titty-boo, tool, wild baby, wild girl, wild oats, wild thing, wild woman, wild-ass(ed), zoo number

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