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wild thing:

1. Or: wild-baby / wild-girl / wild party / wild-woman , a sexy , powerful, socially and sexually-active, pleasure-seeking woman . See playgirl for synonyms.

2. Or: the wild thing , sex . Do the wild thing , to have sexual-intercourse . See copulation for synonyms.

See Also: agrizoophobia, asymmetriphobia, bug up the ass, cause of causes, do the natural thing, do the wild thing, doing, frigophobia, fuck something up, get it together, hagiophobia, herpetophobia, megalophobia, microphobia, mycrophobia, neophobia, plant one's wild oats, plant the oats, plant wild oats, polyphobia, self-disclosure, sow one's wild oats, sow some wild oats, that certain something, thing, thingumbobs, this and that, titty-boo, wild baby, wild girl, wild thing, wild woman, wild-ass(ed), xenophobia, yentz, zoo number

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