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third base:
Americanism for the female genitalia ; based on a baseball analogy. To get-to-third-base , petting below the waist, in distinction to first-base , kissing, second-base , petting above the waist; third base , and home-base or home-run , meaning to go-all-the-way to sexual-intercourse . See vagina for synonyms.

See Also: 3-Fs, 3P, age segregation, anus worship, Aut amat aut odit: nil est tertium, banns, bans, base trio, the, bent as a nine bob note, chance sandwich, closed marriage, club sandwich, cluster-fuck, cock and ball harness, cock harness, corespondent, design for living, double peptide, double-entry, Engirix B, eternal triangle, first base, flesh sandwich, foursome, gang sex, glad rags, gluteus, go all the way, go the length, go the limit, go the whole way, group sex, home base, home plate, home run, ilium, menage a trois, mermaid, moresome, Oreo cookie, Page Three Girl, Peter, Paul, and Mary, queer as a nine bob note, Recombivax HB, ring around the rosey, séance à trois, sandwich, sausage sandwich, second base, tertiary syphilis, tertium quid, theme party, third base, third gender, third set, third sex, three B's, three decker, three F's, three high, Three P, three wheeler, three-dollar bill, three-hole activities, three-in-a-bed, three-inch fool, three-layer cake, three-legged beaver, three-way, three-way split, three-way swing, threesies, threesome, triangle, triolism, triple header, triple penetration, triple shag, trisexual, troilism, troilist, Trois, Les, trysexual, wrecktangle,

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