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3-Fs / Three Fs / THREE Fs:

(1) Film-Food-Fucking.
QUOTE: 'The 3-F's of Dating: One: Film. Two: Food. Three: Fuck.' Elie (Kevin Pollak) reciting the bachelor's credo to his friend David Crown (Arye Gross) going out on his first date with Carrie Davenport (Courtenay Cox) in The Opposite Sex, And How to Live With Them (1993).
(2) Fight-Fuck-Footrace or Fuck-Fun-Footrace.
QUOTE: 'You don't look big enough to fight, fuck or run a foot race.' Sgt. Dom Scusi (Burt Young) to Harold Bloomgard (James Woods) in The Choirboys (1977).
(3) Or: FFF -> Find 'em, fuck 'em, and forget 'em. Also known as 4-Fs when 'feel 'em' is added to the enumeration. Findum Fuckum & Flee is the title of a HipHop song by N.W.A. 'I find 'em, fuck 'em, and flee you know.'
QUOTE: 'One night after they'd both had too many beers he had said to her, "I find'em, fuck'em, forget'em." She'd clicked bottles with him and said, "Me, too." She liked guys, but she didn't trust them enough to love them.' From The Price of Honour (1999) by David H. Hackworth.
(4) A fourth, fuck-free definition of 3-Fs is given by skip-tracer Tommy Nowak (Clint Eastwood) and his prisoner Lou Ann McGuinn (Bernadette Peters) in Pink Cadillac (1989) - Tommy: 'My job is just to follow you, to find you, and Federal Express you back home.' - Lou Ann: 'The 3-Fs, hum?'
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