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finger scale:

A one-to-ten scale rating a woman's beauty, sex-appeal , performance in bed, etc. See also: fuck-o-meter.
QUOTE: 'She's hot, Joe. She rates a '3' on my finger scale. That means I cut off three of my fingers if God will let me fuck her.' Private detectives Mike Matthews (Bruce McGill) to Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) in The Last Boy Scout (1991). Later, when Joe finds Mike hiding in his bedroom closet, he asks him: 'How was she? On your finger scale, how was my wife?' This multipurpose scale rating a woman's beauty, desirability, sex-appeal , or sexual prowess originated with Helen of Troy, the woman whose 'face launched a thousand ships' hence, how many ships would you send to have/love/fuck/rescue a specific woman. Another movie example is Ben Shockley (Clint Eastwood) speaking of Augusta Malley (Sondra Locke) in The Gauntlet (1977): 'On a scale of one to ten I'd have to give her a two, and that's just because I've never seen a one before.'
See Also: 4-F(s) / Four F(s) / FOUR F(s), fico, finger scale, FOUR F(s) / Four F(s) / 4-F(s), fuck-o-meter, spit-fuck, the bird / the birdie, The fuck off!

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