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rat fuck:

(1) In the 1960s, at Berkeley (and possibly in other Universities), a prank played on someone. The reference to Berkeley is from a message posted at ADS-L: Archive Search Results by Ron Rabin (Oct. 29, 1997). A later message posted by Gregory {Greg} Downing (Oct. 29, 1997) remembered rat fuck as a pre-1960 term for: 'a military term (...) for (...) any lousy, messed up situation or operation.'
(2) Or: rat fucker / rat fuck bastard, offensive reference or insult to a despised or despicable person.
QUOTE: 'I say we grease this rat-fuck son-of-a-bitch, right now! You're dog-meat, pal.' Private Hudson (Bill Paxton) in Aliens (1986).
(3) Rat-fucker is obsolete in the sense of a coat-hanger for breaking and entering into the rooms of freshmen (known as rats).
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