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French lady:

In gaylese , a fellator . See fellator for synonyms.
See Also: accoutrements, amour fou, amour propre, amour socratique, baume de vie, bean-jacks, belle boy, boomer, bordel, buttock-clingers, caca, Canuck, capote allemande, capote anglaise, chaud, Chief Boot Knocka, cockish wench, consolateur, coquette, coup de foudre, culo, cultured, dame de voyage, danse du ventre, daughter of joy, decolletage, delire du toucher, demoiselle, English malady, erotocrat, fellator, feminine heart pumper, fille de joie, fille de nuit, Fr, Fr act, Fr pas, Fr/A, Fr/P, French, French ache(s), French art(s), French article, French crown, French culture(s), French disease, French fare, French fever, French goods, French gout, French measles, French pig, French pox, French prints, Frenchified potatoes, frog legs, God's gift to women, grande horizontale, grande passion, heart breaker-upper, heart-crusher, heart-smasher, high-voltage sheik, hot flame, hotcha, jiggle and jog, kaka, king of clubs, knave of hearts, lécheur, lécheuse, ladies' cherce, ladies' choice, lady-killer, ladybug, lounge beetle, lounge lizard, love pirate, love thief, mack, Mademoizook, maison de joie, mal d'amour, man of affairs, marrons, nymphe du pavé, oeillade, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral intercourse, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, panty raid, papillon d'amour, parlor lizard, playboy, popular with the ladies, poule de luxe, powder-room, proper Casanova, a, putain, queener, redingote d'Angleterre, roploplos, se branler, se crosser, se faire les cinq doigts de la main, se passer un poignet, Sheik, six à neuf, smooth operator, spark, sparker, squaw man, street girl, street walker, street whore, street worker, streetwalker, streetwalking, studhammer, sugar-cookie, supper-jet, swaffonder, swap spit, swassonder, tantaleur, tantaleuse, tea-hound, thriller, touche pipi, Trois, Les, vache, veuve poignet, vice allemand, voyeuse, walk the streets, wear, woman's home companion, Yankee heaven, young blade, young buck, zouzoune

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