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Irish wedding:

Masturbation. See masturbation for synonyms.
See Also: accept a proposal, awful-wedded wife, ballane, become houseproud, become man and wife, bestow one's hand, blood of the first night, break one's elbow at the church, bugaroch, commit merger, do the altar thing, do the Mendelssohn March, eirog, get bundled, get exclusive rights to, get in double harness, get it sealed, get parsoned, get welded, girleen, give oneself in marriage, give up one's freedom, go over the deep end, gra, groom it, have it tied, have the knot knotted, hitch horses, hymeneal, hyphenate, Irish pasture, ITA, jigging bone, jiggling bone, join the household brigade, langer, leave before the gospel, marry oneself to, Mr. and Mrs. it, newly-weds, other, the, Póg mo thón, Paddy, Patess, plight one's troth, pubickers, put on the (old) noose, put on the ball and chain, put on the double act, quit the single state, say I do, shotgun marriage, slice the legs off, tackle, take the final step, take the high dive, take the vows, tie the knot (that binds), tie up with, walk down the aisle, walk down the middle aisle, walk the middle aisle, weddiversary, white wedding

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