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Lady Five Fingers:

Personification of the hand as used for male masturbation ; by extension, the act itself.

SYNONYMS: five-fingered-Annie ; five-finger-Mary ; four-sisters-on-thumb-street ; Madam(e)-Thumb-and-her-four-daughters ; Mother-Fist-and-her-five-daughters ; Mrs.-Palm-and-her-five-daughters ; Mrs.-Hand-and-the-five-fingers ; old-lady-five-fingers .

See Also: 40-5, 9 to 5, a-one and a-two and a-three, backhand drive, bean-jacks, bell ringers, belle boy, boomer, buttered finger, buttock-clingers, Chief Boot Knocka, cleaning your fingers, cock-pluck, coitus inter digitae, feminine heart pumper, finger, finger blasting, finger fuck, five against one, five knuckle chuckle, five on one, five-finger Mary, five-fingered Annie, forty/five, four sisters on thumb street, God's gift to women, heart breaker-upper, heart-crusher, heart-smasher, high-voltage sheik, hold a bowling ball, hot flame, king of clubs, knave of hearts, ladies' cherce, ladies' choice, Lady Five Fingers, ladybug, little piggies, longer and linger, lounge beetle, lounge lizard, love pirate, love thief, Madam(e) Thumb and her four daughters, man of affairs, Mary Palm, Mother Fist and her five daughters, Mrs. Hand and the five fingers, Mrs. Palm and her five daughters, nine-to-five, old lady five fingers, parlor lizard, piggies, play stink-anger, play stinky-pinky, popular with the ladies, powder-room, proper Casanova, a, queener, Sheik, smooth operator, southern hemisphere, spark, sparker, squaw man, stink-finger, stinky-finger, studhammer, sugar finger, sugar-cookie, supper-jet, tea-hound, tenpin, thelemassation, thriller, toby salute, veuve poignet, woman's home companion, young blade, young buck

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