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Take Back the Night:

A slogan launched by feminists in Great Britain in 1977 and in the United States in 1980 to rally women seeking to control pornography .
See Also: ablutolagnia, ablutophilia, all-nighter, bad date, bibbing, blood of the first night, boner nochy, break luck, call boy, camel night, coitus nocturnus, darksetting, delo diam, Disneyland daddy, droit du seigneur, female impersonator, fille de nuit, floor show, have a wet dream, hump ribs, making a hit, night baseball, night exercise(s), night games, night job, night poacher, night trader, night-bird, night-hunter, night-snap, nockstress, noctiphobia, nocturne, nychtophobia, nyctohylophobia, nyctophobia, swallow the pipe, TCB, triple header, vacationer

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